Our Purpose 


The Insurance Supper Club (ISC) is a business network for senior women operating in, or involved with, insurance and provide an industry wide networking platform. The ISC hold a number of different events throughout the year, bringing together liked-minded insurance professionals over business related topics. 

We consider women to be the key to unlocking the full potential of businesses and corporations. We believe that women and men working together enables a creative tension where diverse thinking flourishes. Diverse thinking is proven to create success and transforms the working culture to the benefit of everyone.

We are committed in this pursuit to continue to engage with and unite female executives and directors throughout the UK, EU and internationally and in doing so develop meaningful cross border business relationships that enhance the appeal of the insurance profession and the protection we offer customers and clients.

Everything we do is aimed at benefiting our profession and broader society.


Our objectives:

  • to group in the form of an international professional network, women managers and senior executives practicing within and on behalf of a company or group of companies belonging to the insurance industry,
  • to build a network through which members can exchange information on professional subjects, in respect of any restrictions of confidentiality, and in the spirit of trust and mutual respect,
  • to encourage exchanges around themes related to insurance to inspire future generations of leaders in this economic sector,
  • to benefit from mutual guidance and support on professional issues,
  • to help women at all levels of companies in the insurance industry and to sponsor women to achieve their professional goals,
  • to promote social responsibility,
  • to create and participate in events organised by ISC or its members. These events include, without limitation; private dinners, seminars, round tables and receptions.


Active Membership Criteria:

The ISC is reserved for women managers and senior executives in the insurance industry.

Thus, the following criteria are applicable to submit an application for admission. 

  • members must perform duties in the following categories:
    • members of boards of directors or equivalent bodies,
    • members of executive committees, 
    • members of management committees reporting directly to the board of directors or the executive committee,
  • members must practice within and on behalf of a company or a group of companies belonging to the insurance industry. 

Active Membership Validation:

A referral from within the insurance industry is encouraged. Membership is granted in view of the position held or recently held within the insurance industry. 

Applications are subject to the approval and should be in compliance with the membership criteria referred to. 

Membership applications include the commitment to adhere to, apply and abide by the values advocated by ISC. 

Anyone applying for membership must submit a Biography and Headshot, which will then be submitted to the ISC directory / website once the membership has been validated.

The refusal of admission does not have to be motivated.


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